Regional College Of Health Science and Technology


 Regional college of Science and Technology and Regional college of Health Science and Technology have a mission to produce educated, highly competent and dynamic students in any discipline where they step in. By creating a good academic ambience, RE-COST and RE-COHST is striving for a high quality education to prepare scholars who are welcome in any institutes, universities and employment spheres in the world. The main challenge of todays education is the sale of manpower in the global market. Having realized this, Re-COST and  Re-COHST have been running various programmes like B.Sc Microbiology, B.Tech (Food Tech) (affilated to TU). Certificate in Medical Lab Technology and  Certificate in Radiography (affiliated to CTEVT).


Re-COST and  Re-COHST will become a milestone to transform the dreams of parents and student into reality. The college believes that success cannot be imagined without its soul ie academic ambience and competent faculties. This institute invites you to experience this soul and participate in new learning methodology. The decision you take will definately be a defining moment in you life. The institute has set an objective to make you education and competent individual.


Qualitative and professionally dedicated term of academicians are striving at Re-COST and Re-COHST, to promote extracurricular skills and human values in addition to regular teaching learning activities. Re-COST and Re-COHST are here to channel student's energy into achieving physical, mental and socail development. You are welcome to our learning zone.